My name is Maria Paola Baldanzi. I was born in Florence, but now live in the Tuscan countryside, near the city of Florence.

First I made classical studies and then I devoted myself to the study of painting techniques, human anatomy and illustration for children, especially in the scientific and historic field.

Since many years I illustrate children’s books for many important publishing companies, like: Mondadori, RCS, De Agostini, Giunti, Pearson, Ravensburger and others.

Of the many books I have illustrated I would like to mention only a few:

Wikisussi for Mondadori, Nebes and the Secret of the Sphinx for Mondadori, Chilli for Giunti, Macromicro Flies for Pearson, Newton for De Agostini, Decameron for RCS, Knights and Castles for Ravensburger.